Who we are

We at the German Swing Dance Society are passionate about spreading the 20-40’s American swing music, dance, history  and culture!

We want to bring vintage dance to communities across Germany through public performances, workshops, festivals, live concerts and multimedia.

We are currently based in Rhein-Main/Rhein-Neckar region (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Frankfurt) and our main HQ is in Heidelberg. We hope that one day we can share our love and passion for this wonderful dance right across Germany.

We strive to support people who share our interest in American Swing Music of the 20-40’s, be they dancers, musicians, fashion enthusiasts or historians. We hope to do this by helping find rehearsal and performance spaces, assisting with grant applications, providing additional exposure of their talents and interests and promoting swing-based cultural activities.

We believe in the positive effects of swing dancing and swing music, and thus want to open our doors to everyone, regardless of age, financial situation or cultural background. We are a not-for-profit organisation, and wish for the swing dance community in Germany to be completely accessible to all. We love all things swing, and we think you will too!